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Movement has been a mainstay of my existence. It is the spark to awaken my mind, body and spirit into the present moment. Through movement I was trained how to quiet my mind, challenge my body, push through stagnation, excite my heart and forever change my own life and touch the lives of others.
In 2005, I began my formal fitness instruction at Lake Tahoe community college and my undergraduate studies in health and wellness. In the beginning of 2007 I was in a traumatic snowboard accident. My fearless active body was bound to a wheelchair with two broken legs for close to two years. So began my journey into yoga and integrating alternative medicinal therapies such as Acupuncture, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, water therapy, visualization, nutrition, and massage in order to heal. From this experience was born a fresh and deeper perspective as to how vital bodily movement is to the human body. I received my Ashtanga Vinyasa certification in 2009, completing over 200 hours of comprehensive training under the guidance of the late Larry Schultz at “It’s yoga” in San Francisco, California.
As a yoga instructor and movement educator it is my desire to facilitate a reawakening of the body’s miraculous capabilities, no matter the perception of present ability. With passion I desire to empower my community to feel connected through their core, comforted through their breath, and lighter through their body. With knowledge I desire to connect students to our exceptional anatomical structure in order to deepen their personal movement awareness. My classes offer a holistic structure, branching from my personal life experiences, formal education and years of diverse athletic training. With vigor and grace I hope to inspire the limitless bliss and possibilities of life in motion. 
Shoshana shapes her vinyasa classes according to the needs of her students. As a triathlete, many of her classes are strong, but they can be gentle and restorative as well. She sees yoga as a path toward greater body awareness and wellness and is inspired when she sees that light shining in others that was ignited for her.
Denise is a nationally certified personal trainer through NASM, TRX and NCSF. Additionally, Denise is a graduate from the Personal Trainer Education Center (PTEC), a 6-week intensive personal training program geared towards providing graduates extensive knowledge of the body in relation to movement and sport. Her lifelong passion has allowed her to work with some truly amazing personal trainers where she was fortunate enough to learn some great training techniques directly from them. Denise's approach to wellness has always been to not just focus on the exercise programming, but also understand the role that nutrition plays in a well-rounded program. Her goal is to bring this blend to everyone with whom she works. 
Danielle Kelleher has been teaching yoga as a physical practice for 13 years. In the time she has been teaching she has remained constant in her love of Forrest and remained devoted to a light direct approach to her students. She believes that people come to their mats for many different reasons but hopes they leave feeling more self sufficient and confident in their body and life. Danielle's main teacher and inspiration is Ana Forrest, who reminds her that life and practice are ever evolving. She holds a Masters in Depth Psychology, which helps her approach every student as being unique, and she intends to bring broad perspectives and fun to the mat! 
From her background in ballet, Sarah was drawn to yoga as a way to heal the body. She observed yoga transform all aspects of her life and discovered the benefits of a committed, consistent practice. After completing Baron Baptiste’s teacher training, she continued her studies with a 200 hour teacher immersion at Laughing Lotus, a 200 hour teacher immersion at Thrive Yoga, and a 90 hour Prenatal Vinyasa teacher training. The diversity of yoga styles she has studied is reflected in her unique and powerful sequencing. Inspired by her own teachers, she is dedicated to helping her students explore the moment and push themselves with compassion and joy. 
Susan is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500hr level. In addition to adult yoga, she is certified in Children's Yoga, and has a BA in Psychology. Susan finds yoga enhances our compassion, confidence and creativity. She’s passionate about the benefits of yoga as a transformative practice deepening both internal and external strength. Yoga promotes inner ease, giving us clarity to share authentically. She’s grateful to share her love of yoga.
Alma is a nationally certified personal trainer through NASM, TRX and the Titleist Performance Institute. Additionally, Alma is a graduate from the Personal Trainer Education Center (PTEC), a 6-week intensive personal training program geared towards providing graduates extensive knowledge of the body in relation to movement and sport. Alma has always had a love for fitness and nutrition throughout her whole life. She believes wellness is best approached from a holistic point first and should be viewed from both a mental and physical standpoint. Her goal is to provide safe, effective and efficient workouts that will enrich her clients' lives!
Yoga to me is a devotional and loving way to find the true spirit that lives inside each and every one of us. It is with this openhearted approach that I passionately come in and teach my classes. I live to share my practice with the freedom of self-expression, freshness and fun while still finding the healing in the breath and movement. My humble philosophy and teachings, offer a class infused with loving kindness, creativity, humor and devotion, while still maintaining a vigorous, fun-filled yogic flow.
I stumbled upon yoga close to 12 years ago. I was young and wild with a desire to experience anything and everything within my reach. After my first class, I felt filled to the brim with a vibrant energy I had never experienced before… a natural high. I was instantly hooked.
Throughout the years, my love for yoga has only continued to evolve. This practice has healed me in more ways than I can count, and changed me for the better. Yoga has become my sacred space, a space where I can achieve balance and truth in the midst of chaos.
Inspired by my healing, in the fall of 2012 I attended my first RYT 300-hour teaching certification in Portland, OR learning both Hatha and Vinyasa teaching styles. Months later I completed an additional 50 hours of therapeutic yoga training through Living Yoga, an Oregon non-profit offering yoga to youth and adults in prisons and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Most recently I have completed a RYT 200-hour Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, and I hope to continue my education within the Forrest Yoga community in the near future. 
Through my teaching, I aim to inspire others to create a sacred space for themselves that will provide the same sense of healing that I have experienced from simply committing to my yoga practice. 
Pam's love of yoga began in Alaska in 1998. She was initially drawn to the physicality of the practice, but was transformed by the deep sense of balance she experienced on her mat and realized she was meant to share this profound practice. She is deeply grateful to the many wonderful teachers she has studied with and the enormous gifts and lessons that yoga continues to bring to her life. Pam primarily teaches Power and Vinyasa Flow classes. Her classes are creative, playful and challenging. 
Bio coming soon!
Molly is a Sonoma County-based yoga instructor. Her vision is to spark and inspire students’ desires to improve their lives with yoga. She loves connecting with people and being witness to their developments and changes as they evolve into their best selves through yoga. She is open and friendly and creates a space for people to feel great in their bodies, minds and spirits.
She began taking Forrest Vinyasa and Bikram style classes in 2009 to help heal her atrophied leg. Her yoga journey has not only prevented surgery in this leg, but led to unraveling and letting go of tightness, emotional boundaries, issues of self-worth and so much more! With yoga, Molly has learned what it's like to really listen to and connect with who she is at her core, and to follow her Source energy, her intuition.
Molly’s yoga path has been and continues to be the most fulfilling and interesting journey she’s ever experienced. It has allowed her to set clear intentions and tune into her intuition to shape her reality. Yoga makes it possible for her to live more comfortably in all ways, body, mind and spirit, which she believes is the ultimate purpose of life. Molly has discovered that teaching yoga is her life’s work. She offers and facilitates a safe space for people to let go of that which plagues them, to recognize their potential shields and then to move them aside and live more freely!
With clear cueing and a positive attitude she leads students through well-sequenced classes allowing them to stay safe as they progress and learn challenges and up-levels. She has taken several trainings and workshops with Ana Forrest and has been teaching since 2011. Learn more at
Jessica's yoga journey began in 2006 when she took her first class. She had never felt anything like it! Yoga immediately opened her heart to herself as she moved through each pose, listening to inspiring words from her first teacher. She had never believed in herself so much! And as she laid in resting pose, she had never felt peace such as that. When class was let out, she approached her teacher and pronounced she was going to become a certified teacher as well. After all, if she could pass on that amount of love and joy to just one other person she would have fulfilled her life dream of creating a more peaceful world.
Today Jessica holds a 500 hour Yoga Alliance teaching credential. She takes great care with each student as she coaxes them to their full physical and mental potential in a style that is align based, playful and explorative with poses, yet protective. She has had the privilege to work with an array of people ranging from ages 5 years old to a vibrant 90 years young, along with many different physical and mental ailments.
Jessica still feels the same way she did her very first class: She has found love and acceptance within, a complex form of exercise that is always changing and a community that seems devoted to creating a peaceful living space.
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