Molly Vogel

Molly is a Sonoma County-based yoga instructor. Her vision is to spark and inspire students’ desires to improve their lives with yoga. She loves connecting with people and being witness to their developments and changes as they evolve into their best selves through yoga. She is open and friendly and creates a space for people to feel great in their bodies, minds and spirits.
She began taking Forrest Vinyasa and Bikram style classes in 2009 to help heal her atrophied leg. Her yoga journey has not only prevented surgery in this leg, but led to unraveling and letting go of tightness, emotional boundaries, issues of self-worth and so much more! With yoga, Molly has learned what it's like to really listen to and connect with who she is at her core, and to follow her Source energy, her intuition.
Molly’s yoga path has been and continues to be the most fulfilling and interesting journey she’s ever experienced. It has allowed her to set clear intentions and tune into her intuition to shape her reality. Yoga makes it possible for her to live more comfortably in all ways, body, mind and spirit, which she believes is the ultimate purpose of life. Molly has discovered that teaching yoga is her life’s work. She offers and facilitates a safe space for people to let go of that which plagues them, to recognize their potential shields and then to move them aside and live more freely!
With clear cueing and a positive attitude she leads students through well-sequenced classes allowing them to stay safe as they progress and learn challenges and up-levels. She has taken several trainings and workshops with Ana Forrest and has been teaching since 2011. Learn more at

Molly Vogel instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa (h)
  • Intelligently sequenced Vinyasa-based class accessible to all levels. Includes variations of sun salutations, focusing on breath and alignment as you flow through this dynamic practice. The pacing is appropriate for beginners to learn poses and experienced practitioners to explore poses more deeply. All levels will enjoy this fun and energetic class. Room is heated.

  • Power Flow (h)
  • This heated vinyasa style class focuses on alignment and “flow,” connecting breath and movement. This dynamic sequence incorporates beginner movements at a brisk pace to provide a full body cardio workout and stretch. All levels will enjoy this fun, safe and energetic practice.

  • Gentle Flow (nh)
  • A sweet, stretchy rejuvenative practice. This class uses a gentler approach to movement that encourages a more flexible and comfortable body. All levels, not heated.

  • Vinyasa (mod)
  • Intelligently sequenced Vinyasa-based class accessible to all levels. Class includes variations of sun salutations focusing on breath and alignment in this dynamic practice. The pacing is appropriate for beginners to learn poses and experienced practitioners to explore poses more deeply. All levels will enjoy this fun and energetic class. Room is moderately heated.

  • Vibe Yoga 50-Hour Continued Education Training Modules
  • Vibe Yoga 50-Hour Continued Education Training Modules
    A Yoga Alliance Certified, All-Level Education for Students & Teachers
    This training will offer four of Sonoma County's finest teachers, all expressing their most unique gifts to assist you in developing YOUR own gifts! Explore what makes yoga valuable and passionate for you, and work to develop your voice and your authentic self. This training is appropriate for both teachers and students of yoga and is certified through Yoga Alliance as Continued Education hours.
    Experience the skill set that these fierce women have developed through years of teaching and training. Come and ask questions about your practice, your experience of teaching, and your desire to join our unique Continued Education training. This is an opportunity to explore and create together and to develop and expand on your unique gifts!
    Creativity in Sequencing with Danielle Kelleher, MA
    20 Hours
    Oct 7 & 8 and Nov 4 & 5 (12 - 5pm)
    Learn how to plan a class from seed to its finest fruit. Teach more intuitively from your body and listen to how the body wants to warm and create the most exquisite freedom. Not a teacher? Deepen your personal experience within your own body and learn to create more real sequencing. If you are going to practice in a real way/teach in a real way, it has to come from a completely viable and changeable source. Learn to trust yourself and all the weirdness and love of yoga that is your true voice and body.
    Danielle has 15 years of teaching experience and 700+ hours of training.
    The Spirit of Touch with Kelliann Reginato
    10 Hours
    Oct 14 & 15 (12 - 5pm)
    Practice seeing people on both physical and emotional levels and perfect the art of assisting all body types as individual spirits - aesthetically, physically, verbally and spiritually! Celebrate each practice as an opportunity to engage in ceremony with mind, body & Spirit. We will dive into weaving emotions and intentions into our yoga practice and will study how to SEE students and ourselves both within and outside of the physical realm. This module is all about TOUCHING the hearts, bodies and spirits of others.
    Structural Alignment with Molly Vogel
    10 Hours
    Oct 21 & 22 (12 - 5pm)
    This module will focus on the details of how to do Forrest Yoga poses, as well as the principles of skeletal alignment. When our structure is properly aligned in poses, they become easier! This ease of movement allows us to both get out of tightness and/or pain in poses and progress into more advanced and balanced variations. We will hone in on the details of alignment to breathe fully, to learn what, where and how to feel, and to explore healing moves. We will learn how to feel when in correct alignment and how to practice in a way that is truly strengthening. Additionally, we will discuss the effects of continuing to do poses unaligned, a process which inhibits us from safely going deeper or progressing!
    Restoration of Self with Sarah Klein
    10 Hours
    Oct 28 & 29 (12 - 5pm)
    This module will guide students and teachers in the direction of using yoga to restore balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn how to guide meditation and also develop a deeper understanding of sequencing classes that are more restorative and appropriate for students with injuries or other limitations. Lifestyle and Ayurvedic medicine will be studied as a means of creating more internal balance. Additionally, this module will work with yoga for grief, emotional healing and stress reduction. Basic safety in Pre/Postnatal yoga will also be explored.
    Want to learn more? Join Danielle, Kelliann, Molly & Sarah on Sunday, Aug 27th, at 12noon to hear more about each module and to find out if this training is right for you.